BBM on Android

Features BBM on Android

"Features BBM on Android or BBM for iPhone. You know the functions of BBM."


The emergence of multiple instant messaging applications has resulted in a race to offer more features. The best features are valued by users. The great success of the chat applications has helped the launch of new versions. In a very short time, many companies have launched versions of its apps for all platforms. All they want to offer more features to compete with WhatsApp. Millions of users are still using WhatsApp despite that offers fewer features than BBM and other applications such as Line or Viber app.

features bbm on android

BBM new features

BBM bet by security. The safety of  BBM on Android offers guarantees contrasted. Since the start of BBM for Blackberry devices, many leaders throughout the world have used BBM as a means of communication private and secure.

 BBM on Android offers some interesting features to improve usability. New versions of BBM with better features. Now BBM is the most practical, functional and fun. AND loses nothing in security.

Among the most relevant features we find:

• BBM on Android you can now download in millions of devices such as Smartphone from Samsung, the brand that dominates the market.

• The BBM security in their talks and in the shipment of the videos or files is far superior to WhatsApp

• With BBM receipt of Spam is limited

• The register of BBM is not connected to the mobile number

• Our privacy is guaranteed

• BBM on Android enjoys great stability in its execution