BBM on Android

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"BBM for Android gets placed in the top of the charts of most downloaded apps."


BBM wants to stand up to other Android applications such as messaging WhastApp or Line. According to comments since the developer of BBM on Android, Blackberry Messenger is simply an instant messaging app, that offers its users some characteristics that differentiate it from its rivals.

The usuraios which traditionally have used WhatsApp are always pending of the problematic 'double check', with BBM for Android is something easier and more reliable, users see on the screen of your smartphone a 'D' in 'delivered' (delivered) and when the message is read, the icon changes displayed and an 'R' in 'Received', this means that the message has been read with security.

Another feature that differentiates BBM from other applications is that you cannot chat with another user of Blackberry Messenger with only know the mobile number. This point is very important to maintain our privacy and prevent spam.

The more prominent role of Blackberry Messenger is the security, this is because the information is encrypted and is not stored on any server, is information sent from point to point, for this reason BBM on Android offers a privacy much higher than other messaging applications.

Little by little BBM on Android will incorporate other features such as video calls, and other useful for the end user. With BBM you can enjoy a great security in sending messages, also have multiple functions that differentiate this app of other applications for messaging. If you want to know functions of other applications of messages such as the line you can visit this simple web where conoceras more about the functions of Line app.